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Ring 18 With 150 Mercury Christchurch .not Phantom

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Sale end date2019-08-26 21:22:38
EBay ID163828437635
Current bid£5795.00
Buy It Now price£0.00
Relisted item ID163836334334
Listing durationDays_5
Listing typeChinese
Listing locationchristchurch
Category ID1296
Category nameCars, Motorcycles & Vehicles:Boats & Watercraft:Power Boats
User feedback score1737
User feedback percentage100.0 %
User registered since2001-09-29 00:00:00
Number of bids0
Reserve mettrue
Eligible for second chancefalse
Listing statusCompleted
Start price5795.00
Item conditionUsed
Item views547
Item has reserve pricefalse

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